IVI source code download

The IVI IPv4/IPv6 packet translation implementation as a Linux kernel patch is available below.
  • IVI v0.5 kernel patch for Linux kernel 2.6.12
  • IVI v0.5 kernel patch for Linux kernel 2.6.18

  • The IVI A/AAAA DNS proxy implementation is available below.
  • IVIDNS v0.1 C code
  • IVIDNS v0.2 C code

  • For installing and configuration, please follow the instructions in the source code packages.
    Or have a quick look at IVI README and Linux README.
  • code

  • IVI test servers

  • Access single-stack IPv6 server [2001:250:ffca:2672:100::] = via IPv4
  • Access single-stack IPv6 sever [2001:250:ffca:2672:100::] via IPv6
  • Access IPv4 server ( cross single-stack IPv6 network

  • IVI references

    IETF drafts
  • Prefix-specific and Stateless Address Mapping (IVI) for IPv4/IPv6 Coexistence and Transition (02)

  • Copyright CERNET Center 2005-2009